Natural skin care is a choice more and more people are making in today's "Going Green" world.  Living a healthier lifestyle includes the products you choose daily for your skin.   We believe in skin care without harsh detergents, unnecessary fillers and harmful chemicals.

Welcome to Rocky Corner Soapworks, located in beautiful southern New Hampshire.  We ensure a quality product by producing small batches of cold process soaps and all natural lip balms from exceptional raw materials.  Beautiful coconut & palm oils and olive oil sourced from the Mediterranean produce a wonderfully rich skin-pampering experience for our customers. 

Our products are vegetable-based (VEGAN).  We use NO animal products (except beeswax and lanolin in a select few) and our products are NOT tested on animals. 

Rocky Corner Soapworks also embraces eco-friendly materials and methods.   Our packaging was carefully chosen for its' ability to be recycled and is 100% biodegradable.  As a customer, you may see reused packing materials in your soap order, too. 

All natural skin care at a reasonable's an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.  Thank you for dropping by our website.  We're confident once you try Rocky Corner's handmade soaps, you'll never go back!

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And Remember to Make your Skin Smile :)