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Clearence Great North Woods Handmade Soap
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Clearence Great North Woods Handmade Soap

New Hampshire has beautiful tracts of pine forest in its’ northern region…breathtakingly fresh and clean air tinged with the light scent of pine. My dad, a man full of terrific, witty ideas immediately correlated this fragrance with the smell that greets him outside his “home away from home” in northern New Hampshire. Hence, the name “Great North Woods”.
This wonderfully refreshing balsam and citrus soap lathers beautifully and has a nice skin “cling” after use.

Our last batch of Great North Woods came out shorter than expected. For this inconvenience we are selling the small Great North Woods bars at a discounted rate. 

All Skin Types

4-5 oz.

30 in stock

$6.00 Sale! $4.50